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So in 2008, when campaigning for the presidency, then senator Barack Obama said he would put 1 million plug-in vehicles on the road by 2015. Now, let’s ignore the part about people making promises that won’t be provable until after the term they are running for is over, and focus on something else here.

So the two new exciting plug-in vehicles are the Chevy Volt, and the Nissan Leaf. The cost of these 2 finely engineered (I’m sure, especially the GM) machines are $41k for the Volt, and $32,780 for the Nissan. The Mazda 3 4-door starts at $15,345 and gets 33 MPG. The Volt gets (they claim) 230 MPG on its gasoline generator. Now, at $3 a gallon you can get 8667 gallons of gas for the $26k price difference. That works out to 286,011 Miles. The Volt has a 100,000 Mile Warranty on the battery. So, let’s say you drive your 186,011 extra miles on the volt without needing to replace the batteries, you’ve spent 1300 dollars on gas at this point, but I’ll give you that as worth the cost of smug nods you can give us plebs in our SUVs. The fact is, you’d have to own this car for 15 years with no major repairs needed to BREAK EVEN on the cost of a similar gas-powered vehicle.

Now, let’s get back to Obama’s promise. I forsee that a certain number of liberal hippy douches who are bad at basic math will jump on this vehicle like it’s free tickets to a Grateful Dead concert, but how are you going to get people to pay 2.5x for a car than it’s worth? How is Obama able to promise he will have these cars on the road? He may have them sitting in the lot, getting laughed at while people buy new trucks and Cobalts, but they certainly won’t be being driven.


That’s so F’ing GAY

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I’ve been watching a lot of the HBO show Big Love lately. It’s a show about a family of Mormon polygamists and how they juggle the multiple wives and hordes of children that result from the lifestyle in a world that looks down on their beliefs. The show really has me thinking: Why is Polygamy illegal? Why does the Government care whether a guy wants to marry multiple women in a consensual relationship where he takes care of all his families? The Government certainly doesn’t care if a guy wants to be a cheating scumbag and screw around behind his wife’s back, unless of course there is a child support issue, so why do they care if a guy has multiple families and WANTS to acknowledge and care for the children that result? Why is the Government in the business of marriage anyway? If a guy wants to marry 10 women, a woman wants to marry six guys, two men and two women want to be one big family, two men OR two women want to marry each other, what business is it of the Government?

Now, I understand that there is no actual mention of “Seperation of Church and State” in the US Constitution. The amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” Which oddly enough is the polar opposite of what those trying to ban mention of God in commencement speeches and such think. Those people who ban mention of God are actually violating the second part about prohibiting the free excercise thereof, however, that is the subject of a future post I think. Anyway, people want to separate Church and State whenever possible, then why are they letting Government intrude into what is regularly referred to as “Holy Matrimony”? Shouldn’t a Church be free to decide who to marry? If your church wont’ marry you for being a polygamist, or (the actual point of my whole rant) GAY!, why not just choose a church that will? Why doesnt the Government have to be involved at all? Well, I have a theory:

Presently, the tax code allows for a single man, single woman union. Should we start to redefine marriage, all the sudden, people will be able to claim all kinds of new exemptions, and the Government might lose out on some tax money!!!!!!! OH NOES!!!! People might be able to find new ways to skirt the income, capital gains, or estate taxes, and we can’t have that!!!! after all, the way the current system works, it’s only people’s civil rights that get violated, so no big loss right? Instead, let’s resort to typical Government obfuscation techniques of riling up people’s base religious beliefs, prejudices, and bigotry to divide the nation over an issue that is fundamentally about personal freedom. After all Mr. Religious, how does it really hurt you if two guys want to pound each other officially or on the “down low”? Either way, you’re going to dismiss them as people regardless of their accomplishments, feelings, influence, etc, so why not just let them be free?

By deflecting the issue of personal freedom and trying to make it about “decency,” religion, bigotry, or “abuse of the system,” the Government can continue to avoid being held responsible yet again.

Quit being sheep, people; you are being led by wolves.

So Hi!

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I’ve decided to make a blog to put into words the things that irritate, annoy, or just plain piss me off.  Not everything I post here is in a serious tone, so don’t judge me, or do, I really don’t give a fuck…