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Secret Agent Man

Posted in Infuriating on December 18, 2010 by easilyangered

So, Wikileaks….  I don’t get how the US thinks they are justified in charging a non US citizen who broke US laws outside of the US.  I don’t get it.  Are we now claiming jurisdiction and legal claims over the entire world?  I think that the person who released the documents to  wikileaks and abused the trust of the US Government should certainly face justice, but really, we have no powers over Mr. Assange.  Let’s ignore the fact that this information NEEDED to be released to keep the corruption of the Government in check.


Raising awareness of how stupid you are:

Posted in Infuriating, Irritating on October 3, 2010 by easilyangered

I’m really sick of raising awareness.  Breast cancer awareness, Autism awareness, diabetes awareness.  What good is being aware of these things doing anyone?  I’m  aware that these conditions exist, but I don’t care, all you’re doing is making me more aware of how pissed off I am and how dumb I think you are.  The wort part is, women, being the biggest consumers of products, and also the demographic most likely to get breast cancer, are seemingly too stupid to realize they are being marketed to, not saved.  Here, buy this food processor, it’s pink!  It doesn’t match anything you own, but it will sure make the one person in your life who may happen across is at your house realize HOW MUCH YOU CARE!   Do you assholes even realize that the amount of money given to a research firm for that product you bought is miniscule?  Do you realize we are also no closer to finding a cure than we were 25 years ago?  More women die of lung cancer than do breast cancer every year, but there isn’t a nice little ribbon and branded products being sold for that is there?  I wonder why that is….  Could it be because it’s a non offensive way to link your products to titties?  Sex sells after all.

Another type of awareness that just pisses me off is all these history months we have.  I mean, who gives a shit if the 35th person to accomplish something happened to be a minority?   Are you saying that their race, sex, ethnicity, religion, or creed is a handicap?  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for celebrating people who were actually trail blazing, like Madame Curie, Mr. George Washington Carver, etc…  But here’s the typical thing that gets mentioned in women’s history month as an example: Junko Tabei was the first woman to scale Mt. Everest in 1975.  Well who gives a shit?  How many people climbed it before her?  Does being a woman make it a harder climb?  Why doesn’t the second guy to set foot there get any recognition?  I’m tired of making a big deal every time a minority farts in public, it takes away from true trailblazers and cheapens accomplishments.  By all means if the first person to do something is a minority, let’s give them their due, but copying what another did is not an accomplishment no matter what color you are, or what is between your legs.

Ask, tell, but still be a second class citizen.

Posted in Infuriating on August 18, 2010 by easilyangered

It seems the country is poised on the precipice of overturning the DADT legislation and allowing openly gay people to stop denying who they are and serve without fear of discrimination.  This is pretty much a non-event to a lot of people in the military.  I have served at quite a few places with people who are gay, and really, most people know, or suspect; very few care.  We are surprisingly tolerant of people in the military, contrary to the Neanderthal impression many people have of us.

I had the opportunity to attend a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell brief that was supposed to “feel out” the troops and garner our opinions and such and had really high hopes that I would learn something about coming policy shifts.  I should have known better.  It seemed that no one wanted to ask any meaningful questions, we got the “I’m against it because of my religion, will I be able to not serve with one of dem gay boys?” morons; to which my thought was “You’re serving with them now asshole, what about Jesus’s words on acceptance and not judging?”  Then we got “Will people be offered the opportunity to end their enlistment since they didn’t sign on for this?” ; My opinion is that you signed on to serve, not serve with only people you like, so shut the fuck up, I can’t get out because I have to serve with a dumbass like you, so you can serve with gays and lesbians.

My question was this: “Since there is already a pretty big disparity in the housing allowances for single and married members, and several states are right now preparing to recognize gay civil unions and marriages, how is the military going to treat members who are married in one of those states in regards to family separation pay, housing allowances, and relocation costs?”  I was thrilled to be allowed to ask this question, because in my pie in the sky idealism, I thought the military would do the right thing by these people; unfortunately, the answer was basically that there is a Federal Defense of Marriage act, which would allow the Military to not treat these people as married, and thus allow them to get screwed out of thousands of dollars a year.  YAY Government!

Unfortunately, we ran out of time answering questions from bigoted assholes before I could ask my second question, so I had to catch the presenters afterward to find out this:  “We base our harassment claims on the perception of the person who is offended.  How are we going to protect the religious person’s freedom to express their religious beliefs under the First Amendment, while still avoiding a hostile workplace for someone who may be offended by being told their lifestyle is a sin or one that is unnatural to God?  The answer was a very non-committal “well, uh, we have uh, rules and regs in effect about harassment already, so, uh, we’ll have to follow and see how they go.”

I was totally underwhelmed.

Party like it’s 1984

Posted in Infuriating on August 3, 2010 by easilyangered

Read this article, I’ll wait.

Done reading? Good.

This scares me to death. This is a very immoral if not illegal activity that is a direct violatio nof your right to privacy. Just think if I decided I would put together a group of “volunteers” to go through your mail and report to the federal Government anything I thought you might be doing wrong. The fact that these people believe they are right is horrifying. I find it funny that the Government is all about “whistleblower protection” until you blow the whistle on them. This soldier who gave the information to wikileaks is a hero, and should not be punished for exposing the abuses of our trust by those in power.

To make matters worse, this Semi-Secret Volunteer organization is spying on its fellow citizens, using the convuluted legalese of a EULA (end user license agreement) as their justification, a justification that has been shown to be nebulous at best.

Stop being sheep people, you are led by wolves.

YOU’RE an asshole if you can’t properly use YOUR Apostrophes.

Posted in Infuriating, Irksome, Irritating on August 2, 2010 by easilyangered

I hate third grade grammar mistakes. I can’t take you seriously if you can’t write your opinion in proper English. I’m willing to overlook dumb ones like using “I” before the verb and “me” after, and always putting your own personal pronoun at the end (ex: “Bill and I went to the store.” No one’s here but Josie and me”), because the vernacular changes over time, and honestly, who cares whether you think you deserve top billing in your own sentence?

Where I really get angry is the abuse the poor apostrophe () gets. That’s the first thing that irritates me. I mean, did you people not attend thrid grade? How hard is this:

It’s: A contraction of IT IS
Its: belonging to IT

Your: belonging to you
You’re: A contraction of YOU ARE

See how the simple rule there is that the apostrophe denotes a contraction? I can understand the confusion, I mean, after all when talking about a specific person the apostrophe denotes ownership: Bill’s truck. But then when using a pronoun, the apostrophe means a contraction again: He’s going = HE IS going. However, just because I understand where confusion can arise, doesn’t mean I will forgive it, since this is stuff covered in elementary school.

A real big one that burns my balls is when a company fucks it up in advertising. I have a subscription to a computer magazine that had an ad in it for Custom Built PC’s for about 5 months. After the 5th month I guess someone in their ad department realized that an apostrophe is unneccessary when describing multiples of an item that is abbreviated, in this case the proper use is PCs. You see there? the lowercase “s” denoted that it is not part of the abbreviation PC. I vowed I will never buy anything from a company that abuses so thoroughly the English language on an advertisement. It seems if they can’t follow that simply elementary grammar rule, what others will they forget about?

Another thing, THERE are too many people idiots out THERE misusing the word I’ve capitalized in THEIR writing. Now I can understand again the whole I before E rule, because this is one of those fucked up exceptions, but THERE is no reason THEY’RE using it wrong in every one of THEIR sentences. Have I been clear enough?

They’re: Contraction; THEY ARE
Their: ownership; belonging to them
There: a place; over THERE

In conclusion, I have to say it truly makes me so angry I want to kick a baby into a brick wall when I have to decipher your rant on the evils of Capitalism like I’m Indiana Jones trying to figure out from hieroglyphs where the lost fucking ark is because you can’t remember these simple rules. The thing that makes me even madder is that to point out you write like an inbred 4-year-old Mongoloid somehow makes ME the one losing the argument, as if because I insist on legible coherent counterpoints, I am now grasping at straws to defend my position. All in all, I hope that if you write like this you get run over by a bookmobile.

We reserve the right…

Posted in Infuriating on July 29, 2010 by easilyangered

Smokers irritate me. They smell bad, always have to take breaks from work, have to have their “special” brand, toss their buts everywhere, and are generally a pain in the ass. That being said, I regularly answer “I prefer the ‘No Children’ section” to the question “Smoking or non?” when going to a restaurant.

I really find it infuriating when local municipalities and cities decide to pass a smoking ban in bars, restaurants, stores, etc… I’m pretty sure that a business is a private property. The permissiveness of smoking should be up to the proprietor of the business, and in the case of a leased property, the property owner. After all, the Government isn’t liable for a business’ profitability, why should they be able to dictate the atmosphere of the business. Would people like them to set a law about when the AC or heat can be turned on in their favorite bar? How about a county ordinance about what channel has to be played on the TV over the bar? If a business’ customer base is composed of a majority of smokers, isn’t it up to the business owner whether he wants smoking permitted on site? If smokers decide they’ll go to a bar out of the county, do the lawmakers now have to help make up the business owner’s lost income? then how the hell do they get off that they have the right to allow or restrict behaviors in his or her business?

Yes, you have the right to not be affected by second-hand smoke, that is, if you are one of the fucking morons who buys the cooked data used by the EPA and WHO when they published their “findings”. You can exercise your right by not frequenting the establishments that permit smoking. After all, you wouldn’t go to a country dance hall if you hate country music, are your listening rights being oppressed by allowing them to exist? If instead you want to learn something and not be a clueless sheep, read this:

I don’t like smelling smoke, but I also don’t like smelling farts, so do I demand that complete strangers be humiliated and forced to stand in a special farting zone when they have to break wind? Do I make a big fuss about it and cry like a child? No, I just stand somewhere else. Why not try that you whiny douches?

I believe you own your body and have a right to destroy it if you want to. I also believe a business owner has the right to serve and attract the type of customers he wants, and if he chooses the wrong kind, he fails, tough shit, that’s life. I’m tired of people pushing their views on everyone else through force of law.

Fascism in America

Posted in Infuriating on July 20, 2010 by easilyangered

You know it’s funny how the government will fight tooth and nail for their illegal wiretapping priveleges, yet if you record the police abusing you, they willl use wiretapping laws to arrest you. This is reprehensible in our society. If it is illegal to record a person without 2 party consent in these states, then I want to see the citizens rise up and sue the police for using dashboard cameras, file suits on any speed or redlight cameras, sue store owners and businesses for using security cameras, and basically flood the courts with their own creative application of anti-wiretapping law until the state backs off from abusing these laws with the intent of subjugating free citizens. This is how we lose our freedoms, when you can’t even hold those in power responsible for their oppression, you becoms a polie state. Maybe it’s time for a new revolution, get out and vote libertarian in the elections, protect freedom.