Raising awareness of how stupid you are:

I’m really sick of raising awareness.  Breast cancer awareness, Autism awareness, diabetes awareness.  What good is being aware of these things doing anyone?  I’m  aware that these conditions exist, but I don’t care, all you’re doing is making me more aware of how pissed off I am and how dumb I think you are.  The wort part is, women, being the biggest consumers of products, and also the demographic most likely to get breast cancer, are seemingly too stupid to realize they are being marketed to, not saved.  Here, buy this food processor, it’s pink!  It doesn’t match anything you own, but it will sure make the one person in your life who may happen across is at your house realize HOW MUCH YOU CARE!   Do you assholes even realize that the amount of money given to a research firm for that product you bought is miniscule?  Do you realize we are also no closer to finding a cure than we were 25 years ago?  More women die of lung cancer than do breast cancer every year, but there isn’t a nice little ribbon and branded products being sold for that is there?  I wonder why that is….  Could it be because it’s a non offensive way to link your products to titties?  Sex sells after all.

Another type of awareness that just pisses me off is all these history months we have.  I mean, who gives a shit if the 35th person to accomplish something happened to be a minority?   Are you saying that their race, sex, ethnicity, religion, or creed is a handicap?  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for celebrating people who were actually trail blazing, like Madame Curie, Mr. George Washington Carver, etc…  But here’s the typical thing that gets mentioned in women’s history month as an example: Junko Tabei was the first woman to scale Mt. Everest in 1975.  Well who gives a shit?  How many people climbed it before her?  Does being a woman make it a harder climb?  Why doesn’t the second guy to set foot there get any recognition?  I’m tired of making a big deal every time a minority farts in public, it takes away from true trailblazers and cheapens accomplishments.  By all means if the first person to do something is a minority, let’s give them their due, but copying what another did is not an accomplishment no matter what color you are, or what is between your legs.


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