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Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses… but legally

Posted in Interesting, Irritating on September 14, 2010 by easilyangered

The 14th Amendment needs to be amended to at very least, require that one parent also be a legal citizen in addition to birth on native soil, this is the requirement for many other countries around the world, and is neither hurting anyone deserving of citizenship, nor helping those who seek to obtain it by less than honorable means. Those who believe the Constitutional protections only extend to US citizens however need to rethink their position. The Constitution assumes that ALL men have inherent rights and does not enumerate them for the people, but rather limits the powers of the government to infringe upon them. To deny Constitutional protections to a person on US soil is to deny their humanity, since their very existence entitles them to the rights of man

Let’s not allow bigotry and xenophobia to lower ourselves by denying people rights based on the location and circumstance of their birth.

I have a perfect plan for the “immigration crisis”:

1.  Seal the borders:  People seem to think this is impossible, but I have a solution.  Why not  redeploy the troops from ending the “combat mission” in Iraq to the US border instead of sending them to Afghanistan to kill more people?  This would be a temporary measure until the remaining provisions of my plan are put into place.

2.  Repeal or alter the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, requiring that in addition to being born in the US, citizenship is conferred only when one or more parents is also a natural or naturalized citizen.

3.  Provide all those who are here illegally an amnesty period where  a temporary citizenship including a legal Social Security Number will be granted, provided they show proof of employment and can demonstrate a basic understanding of the English language, as well as pass a criminal background check.  The temporary citizenship will be for sufficient time required to complete the additional steps necessary for naturalization.

4.   Those that are willing to serve a minimum of 4 years in the US Military supporting our nation, upon honorable discharge will receive citizenship for themselves, their spouse and any children they are claiming as dependants.

5.  Those who cannot meet the employment and English requirements for a citizenship pass will be offered the chance at their own expense to enroll in a program that will teach them the skills to find employment and learn English.  If they are unable to pass the course and become a productive member of society, they will be deported to the country of their birth.

6.  If you are a citizen or an accepted person under provision 2 or 3, you may sponsor residence for any member of your family by blood or marriage, provided you can show proof that you can full support them financially, and medically, provided they pass a criminal background check.

7.  OSHA will be given additional personnel, and the scope of their purpose will be widened to ensure that companies are employing legal people as well as fostering a safe work environment.  Any company or individual found to be employing an illegal resident will be fined so heavily as to nullify any payroll savings that snubbing the law would allow.

8.  Anyone found after the amnesty period violating the immigration laws or any other law while in this country illegally will be stripped of everything they own and escorted to the border and dumped, that’s how they came here, they can get back the same way.

Once the employment opportunities that are enticing people to come here dry up, the military will no longer be needed to patrol the border.