They’re so FIERCE!

I love Werewolves. They are my favorite movie monsters of all time. I remember the first time I saw a Werewolf show. Well, it wasn’t really ABOUT Werewolves, it was more about a guy living with 2 girls and pretending to be a Werewolf to not look improper. Used to be a day that you couldn’t come right out and say a character was a Werewolf, they had to use mannerisms and styles of dress and whatnot to imply lycanthropy without actually showing the transformation. You’d often be guessing, “Is that guy a Werewolf or just a really snappy dresser?” Then sometime around the late 80’s it was more OK to be in touch with your lupine side so we started getting more shows featuring Werewolves who weren’t afraid to be out in the open, they’d prance around and talk about how they were going to go to the theater, or to a musical. Then along came the show about the Werewolf and his live in roommate who was a totally hot redheaded Jewish chick (no boobs tho) and their incredible friend “just Jack” who was wolfed out all the time!  It was an awesome show!  Then they had the one where 5 Werewolves would show a regular guy how to act, dress, and generally clean up into a modern guy.  And who could forget the movie about the 2 Werewolf cowboys….

Oh, wait, I’m sorry…

I seem to have mistaken homosexuals and Werewolves.

well, at least now maybe now you’ll understand why I have to punch you in the mouth if you say you like vampires and start talking about Twilight.


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