Why is this an issue?

There is a big stink over a “mosque” being built in NY near the site of the trade centers. This is causing controversy.

Part of the perception on the one side is that the Muslim community as a whole does not denounce these attackers and therefore they support the actions. It doesn’t help when our news media shows people in Muslim countries dancing in the streets after the attacks (NM that the footage was possibly old and unrelated to the attacks, but I’m not a conspiracy nut.) This is where the average American perception that it’s all Muslims come from. Keep in mind, these average morons get their info from the same manipulative news media and can’t tell the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim either.

Another just outright distortion is that this church is being built ON GROUND ZERO OMG!!!
When actually it’s a community center and being built a couple blocks away, but all you need is our wonderful news service to mention that for thousands of years building a temple on an area you conquered has been a common practice and the people get worked up into a frothing rage again, at least until the next celebrity sex tape.

What the media would tell you if they were responsible, is that Muslims don’t hate us, in fact the average Iranian citizen loves America, it’s the crazy government that doesn’t. Iraqi nationals would BEG us to come back and help them from Saddam between the original Gulf War and the 2003 one. But, you’ll never hear this on the news, nor will you hear that Ideology doesn’t make people become terrorists, Iran tried for about a quarter century to get people into a murderous frenzy against the US based on Ideology, but was unable to do so. Where did the 911 Hijackers come from? Our “Allies”, Saudi Arabia, a place where we have troops stationed. al-Qaeda discovered a very simple psychological truism in that it is easy to turn someone into a combatant against a foreign invader, much harder to do it because god said so. I would bet that had America not had troops occupying 137 countries around the globe and didn’t automatically jump to Israel’s defense in every conflict, we could very easily be at peace instead of war.

Anyway, my thoughts: Build a mosque, a cathedral and a synagogue (and whatever other type of church there is) RIGHT ON TOP of ground zero, make them share a common entrance to the area to show the religious zealots out there that this is America, we welcome all people, regardless of faith, and their intimidation tactics only reinforce that and make us come together, not tear us apart


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