Party like it’s 1984

Read this article, I’ll wait.

Done reading? Good.

This scares me to death. This is a very immoral if not illegal activity that is a direct violatio nof your right to privacy. Just think if I decided I would put together a group of “volunteers” to go through your mail and report to the federal Government anything I thought you might be doing wrong. The fact that these people believe they are right is horrifying. I find it funny that the Government is all about “whistleblower protection” until you blow the whistle on them. This soldier who gave the information to wikileaks is a hero, and should not be punished for exposing the abuses of our trust by those in power.

To make matters worse, this Semi-Secret Volunteer organization is spying on its fellow citizens, using the convuluted legalese of a EULA (end user license agreement) as their justification, a justification that has been shown to be nebulous at best.

Stop being sheep people, you are led by wolves.


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