We reserve the right…

Smokers irritate me. They smell bad, always have to take breaks from work, have to have their “special” brand, toss their buts everywhere, and are generally a pain in the ass. That being said, I regularly answer “I prefer the ‘No Children’ section” to the question “Smoking or non?” when going to a restaurant.

I really find it infuriating when local municipalities and cities decide to pass a smoking ban in bars, restaurants, stores, etc… I’m pretty sure that a business is a private property. The permissiveness of smoking should be up to the proprietor of the business, and in the case of a leased property, the property owner. After all, the Government isn’t liable for a business’ profitability, why should they be able to dictate the atmosphere of the business. Would people like them to set a law about when the AC or heat can be turned on in their favorite bar? How about a county ordinance about what channel has to be played on the TV over the bar? If a business’ customer base is composed of a majority of smokers, isn’t it up to the business owner whether he wants smoking permitted on site? If smokers decide they’ll go to a bar out of the county, do the lawmakers now have to help make up the business owner’s lost income? then how the hell do they get off that they have the right to allow or restrict behaviors in his or her business?

Yes, you have the right to not be affected by second-hand smoke, that is, if you are one of the fucking morons who buys the cooked data used by the EPA and WHO when they published their “findings”. You can exercise your right by not frequenting the establishments that permit smoking. After all, you wouldn’t go to a country dance hall if you hate country music, are your listening rights being oppressed by allowing them to exist? If instead you want to learn something and not be a clueless sheep, read this: http://knol.google.com/k/second-hand-smoke#.

I don’t like smelling smoke, but I also don’t like smelling farts, so do I demand that complete strangers be humiliated and forced to stand in a special farting zone when they have to break wind? Do I make a big fuss about it and cry like a child? No, I just stand somewhere else. Why not try that you whiny douches?

I believe you own your body and have a right to destroy it if you want to. I also believe a business owner has the right to serve and attract the type of customers he wants, and if he chooses the wrong kind, he fails, tough shit, that’s life. I’m tired of people pushing their views on everyone else through force of law.


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