So in 2008, when campaigning for the presidency, then senator Barack Obama said he would put 1 million plug-in vehicles on the road by 2015. Now, let’s ignore the part about people making promises that won’t be provable until after the term they are running for is over, and focus on something else here.

So the two new exciting plug-in vehicles are the Chevy Volt, and the Nissan Leaf. The cost of these 2 finely engineered (I’m sure, especially the GM) machines are $41k for the Volt, and $32,780 for the Nissan. The Mazda 3 4-door starts at $15,345 and gets 33 MPG. The Volt gets (they claim) 230 MPG on its gasoline generator. Now, at $3 a gallon you can get 8667 gallons of gas for the $26k price difference. That works out to 286,011 Miles. The Volt has a 100,000 Mile Warranty on the battery. So, let’s say you drive your 186,011 extra miles on the volt without needing to replace the batteries, you’ve spent 1300 dollars on gas at this point, but I’ll give you that as worth the cost of smug nods you can give us plebs in our SUVs. The fact is, you’d have to own this car for 15 years with no major repairs needed to BREAK EVEN on the cost of a similar gas-powered vehicle.

Now, let’s get back to Obama’s promise. I forsee that a certain number of liberal hippy douches who are bad at basic math will jump on this vehicle like it’s free tickets to a Grateful Dead concert, but how are you going to get people to pay 2.5x for a car than it’s worth? How is Obama able to promise he will have these cars on the road? He may have them sitting in the lot, getting laughed at while people buy new trucks and Cobalts, but they certainly won’t be being driven.



  1. Some Chick Says:

    New technology always costs more. As more options arise and the revisions and updates come into play, things will get cheaper. If they put an Apple sticker on the cars, there would be people standing in line for days waiting to mortgage their house, souls, and children to get their hands on them. 😉

  2. True, but it’s going to take heavy Government subsidies to make it catch on, I don’t think the current offerings are enough. Basically, profit from units sold fund R&D and improvements on new product. Other than the social reasons driving this, if they fail commercially, there is no incentive to continue R&D or keep putting out models.

    So we can look forward to GM hemorrhaging money over this product line and supporting a program that’s further bankrupting them, or we will be looking at heavily tax dollar subsidized development. I don’t think their shareholders are going to accept them keeping a product line alive that isn’t paying them dividends on their investments, just ask Pontiac, Oldsmobile, or any of the other lines they discontinued.

    • Some Chick Says:

      Might want to check this out some time: http://www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com/

      As someone who had a connection to the marketing of this vehicle, I was totally confused when it disappeared off the map a few years after its big debut. Everyone was so excited at the time.


      So… conspiracies and counter-conspiracies. I just know that I’d really LIKE to have an electric car. Seriously. I hope it gets affordable soon.

      • Totally agree with this, I remember when this thing was all the rage back in the day, I’m confused as to why if it was so awesome and efficient back then, why couldn’t they have built upon that tech to make it even better and affordable now?

        Kinda like when Marty Mcfly goes back in time and Doc Brown has to replace one little chip on the Delorean with a huge box of shit and vacuum tubes.

        As for my conspiracy theory part about it, there is a BMW 130 that gets over 70mpg on Diesel in Europe. Why are they disallowed to import it to the US? If we were seriously concerned about these things, we would be using ALL the efficient technology, not just the expensive stuff. I think this car is more about driving our consumerist, status symbol driven society than saving the planet.

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