The environment

I don’t buy the environmentalist movement. I don’t believe humans are causing global warming, or even that climate change if it is happening is that big of a deal. I do however have some thoughts.

First, don’t try to convince me you can predict that climate change is going to result in more hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters if I can’t get an accurate 5 day forecast on the news. Scientists can’t even predict whether it’s going to rain tomorrow with any more accuracy than a magic 8 ball; so sorry, I don’t believe you can predict increased disasters for the next 100s of years.

Second, I’ll assume for this point that you are correct about man-made climate change: If it is true, you are going after the wrong people. If I drive an SUV, the amount of energy I am wasting and pollution I am causing is insignificant compared to what the Government wastes. I’m in the Navy, I can’t even count the number of times a ship I’m on has dumped hundreds or thousands of gallons of oil into the ocean, or improperly thrown garbage overboard. Here’s an issue that is a problem with the way the Navy conducts business altogether: A ship has to get fuel in certain amounts, which is in the thousands of gallons, they can’t just pull into the gas station to top off. So, what this means is the Captain will end up running the ship at full speed in circles in the ocean, just to burn enough fuel that he can go to the tanker. Yeah, you read that right, they purposely waste tens of thousands of gallons of fuel just so they can load more fuel on. The reason for this: it’s faster and less of a hassle to fuel at sea than in port.
Another problem is the amount of unnecessary deployments we do. Why does the Navy need to sail all over the world all the time? Is it for some outdated show of force? The Cold War is over, who are we showing force to? Why do we need 11 carrier battle groups when the rest of the world has one? How about the amount of ordinance and ammo that is wasted in training? that releases gasses and CO2 into the atmosphere, why do we do that so much? I would think a smaller military that doesn’t deploy in times of peace, and isn’t occupying foreign land would be a better use of legislation than restricting the types of cars free citizens can buy.
Another way the government wastes energy is by never shutting off their computers at the end of the day. How many hundreds of thousands of computers are on, wasting electricity, when there is no one there to use them? They claim this needs to be done in order to push out updates overnight as to not interrupt daily use, but how hard would it be to schedule the updates on one day every week, and only leave the computers on that evening? Or, how about just pushing the updates out at lunch time, allowing users to delay them if they are in the middle of a project?

Third, Biofuels. Let’s get serious about them. A diesel engine can run on used cooking oil, did you know that? Know why more people don’t do it? Because diesel fuel has a color additive in it to determine what taxes have been applied to it. If you are inspected and found to be running blue (home heating) fuel in your vehicle, you get fined for not paying vehicle fuel (which is red) taxes. How much used cooking oil do you think the restaurant industry gets rid of every year? It’s a waste product, it has to be disposed of a special way due to its being hazardous. Why aren’t we trying to refine it into fuel?
Another thing on biofuels, we need to lift the embargo on Cuba. Why? They produce a LOT of sugar. Sugar is used in the making of biofuels, also it is better for you than the High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) that is used in almost everything the US eats. We use HFCS because of our surplus of corn. We subsidize farmers to not produce too much corn, and a lot of what we do produce we send overseas in foreign aid. Here’s my thought: Let’s make biofuels from all of our corn, we allow our farmers to produce their full potential, thus providing a better market for them, and freeing up the subsidy money for other things. Also, we can cut our foreign aid and become the largest biofuel producer in the world.

My point is this: It is harder to convince people to give up things they like or to change their lifestyle, than it is to get them behind changing government. Why not turn your efforts to the Government, and allow private citizens to live their own lives as they see fit and can afford? After all, if the Government refuses to make changes to support your cause, how much of their support are you really getting?


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