Fascism in America

You know it’s funny how the government will fight tooth and nail for their illegal wiretapping priveleges, yet if you record the police abusing you, they willl use wiretapping laws to arrest you. This is reprehensible in our society. If it is illegal to record a person without 2 party consent in these states, then I want to see the citizens rise up and sue the police for using dashboard cameras, file suits on any speed or redlight cameras, sue store owners and businesses for using security cameras, and basically flood the courts with their own creative application of anti-wiretapping law until the state backs off from abusing these laws with the intent of subjugating free citizens. This is how we lose our freedoms, when you can’t even hold those in power responsible for their oppression, you becoms a polie state. Maybe it’s time for a new revolution, get out and vote libertarian in the elections, protect freedom.

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